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Last Updated on June 4, 2001

     This page is for all sounds Peck-related that I found either, funny, cool, or just plain interesting. Some files are in WAV format. Others are in RealAudio, so be sure to download RealPlayer. The WAV files can be pretty large. The RealAudio is just a compressed format for the audio. The best way to listen to this files is to save them by right-clicking on the link first and using "Save As..."

To Kill A Mockingbird Score
  • I have put the entire score up in RealAudio format. To view the different tracks to listen to, click here.

  • To hear an eight minute overture of the score in streaming RealAudio, click here.
Acceptance Speech at the 1999 Golden Globes

Yellow Sky - Story of outlaws lost in the desert that come upon an old man, his daughter, and their gold mine.

  • Strech (Greg) - "You heard what she said, sit down."
    Lengthy (John Russell) - "But, I was just..."
    Strech - "Shut up."
    Lengthy - "I got a right to..."
    Strech - "Shut up!"
    WAV Format, 5.5 sec., (59.6 kb)

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit - Greg is a businessman coming to terms with life after surviving WWII.

  1. Tom (Greg) - "Now listen Petey..."
    Petey (Mickey Maga) - "I don't care if you die too, I'm gonna run away from here, this very minute!"
    Tom - "Petey Boy, have you forgotten that you and I are buddies?"
    Petey - "I am not your buddy, I want you to die too, I want everybody to die!"
    Tom - "SHUT UP!"
    RealAudio Format, 14.3 sec., (29.7 kb)

  2. Maria (Marisa Pavan) - "But if you could perhaps give me some SPAM..."
    Tom - "SPAM?!"
    WAV Format, 5 sec., (58 kb)

  3. Tom - "...And they all like SPAM?"
    WAV Format, 1.5 sec., (17.7 kb)

  4. Tom - "Now really, who could ask for anything better than this, rain on the roof and a beautiful girl to keep me warm."
    WAV Format, 5.5 sec., (61.2 kb)

  5. Tom singing to Maria in the car.
    RealAudio Format, 26.8 sec., (51.5 kb)

  6. Tom - "Would you mind if I tell you... I worship you?"
    WAV Format, 3.5 sec., (38 kb)

The Chairman - Greg is a scientist that goes to China to get information on a project that could end starvation, but gets caught up in the Chinese revolution.

  1. Dr. Hathaway (Greg) - "The, uh, stewardess is being very, very attentive, which may signify a great deal, or it may simply signify that I'm a very attractive fellow..."
    RealAudio Format, 13.4 sec., (27.7 kb)

  2. Dr. Hathaway - "Send a cable for me, will you? From: Milan, Italy, To: Professer Kay Hannah, London University. Having fun, wish you were her..."
    RealAudio Format, 14.3 sec., (29.7 kb)

Burns & Allen, 1949 - Greg played himself in an episode that involved Gracie coming to believe he was the perfect man. George tires of hearing about Greg and decides to pay a little visit. Greg decides to hire an actress to play his wife to try and convince Gracie that Greg is the most slovenly man on earth, not to mention a "wife-beater". THANKS LIZ!

  1. Gracie - "Oh! Look at him, Dorothy, isn't he gorgeous?"
    Dorothy - "Oh! Magnificent!"
    Gracie - "That face. It's just a mouth, and a nose, and two eyes, but what an assembley job!"
    RealAudio Format, 11.4 sec., (23.8 kb)

  2. Greg - "Okay, folks! Chow's on!"
    WAV Format, 2.5 sec., (27.7 kb)

  3. George - "Greg, it's not working."
    Greg - "I know, what does it take to make that wife of yours disgusted?"
    George - "I don't know, she's got me."
    Greg - "Yeah..."
    WAV Format, 7 sec., (78.4 kb)

  4. Greg - "Hey woman! Come in here on the double!"
    WAV Format, 3 sec., (31.4 kb)

  5. Greg - "Those potatoes had lumps, and now you're gonna get yours!"
    WAV Format, 3.5 sec., (40.3 kb)

  6. Greg - "Watch you head, George!"
    George - "Watch my head?"
    Greg - "There's a flower bowl behind you, I always blow my olive pits into it!"
    George - "Okay!"
    Greg - "Bomb's away!"
    RealAudio Format, 12.4 sec., (25.7 kb)

  7. Greg - "Oh, hah, hah, hello, hello, Greta!"
    Greta - "That was quite a performence you gave in there!"
    George - "Did you like it? It's a, uh, scene from my new picture!"
    RealAudio Format, 12.4 sec., (25.7 kb)

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