Gregory Peck

Last Updated On June 12, 2003

On this page you will find the latest news I have on Gregory Peck. I will also use this space to list different page updates in detail. Someteimes news comes slow, but I will try my best to provide all I can. Click here for older news and updates.

June 12, 2003

  • As you are all aware, Gregory Peck passed away on June 12, 2003. I had been at work only to return to find out the news of his death, but in that short time, many short tributes had been arranged. Here are links to several:
    Yahoo! News: Gregory Peck
    BBC News: Screen legend Gregory Peck dies
    Ananova: Gregory Peck dies
    E! Online: Hollywood Loses Gregory Peck
  • The mailing list has also been surging with remembrances from its members. I advise those of you who would like to share in the memories and those who would just like to see some moving messages from Greg's fans to stop by the list page by clicking here.
  • As I am still out of the country, I don't have much of a chance to add many new things to the site. Besides, others have already said in much better terms what I would like to say: Gregory Peck was a great man that will be with us forever through his films and through his work in and out of Hollywood.
  • To those of you who've asked about whether the site will stay online, the answer is most definitely yes. As long as I can afford the bandwidth, this site will stand as a tribute to what this man meant to all of us. I can't promise updates, but hopefully what stands is enough to encourage those passing by to take a greater intrest in this great person we knew as Gregory Peck.
  • For everyone e-mailing me, please keep in mind that I will try my best to get back with you, but as there has been an amazing influx of e-mail from sources world-wide, I just don't have the resources to respond to everyone. Know that I appreciate your messages of support, as I'm sure his family does in this moment.
  • Finally, I just want to thank Gregory Peck for making me the person I am today. Still very much a work-in-progress, but I think my Mom would agree that I'm not such a bad fellow. I owe much of that to the man this page is about. Thanks for being yourself, Mr. Peck.

Eldred Gregory Peck, 1916-2003

August 9, 2002

  • I've recently been receiving letters asking me about the status of this website. Being in college, I just haven't had time to do much updating. I've never had any intentions of closing the site, but from this point on, don't expect any updates. Reasons for this include a lack of news and the fact that I'm leaving the country until June 2003. Maybe after I get back, I'll find some things to add. Until then, expect the site to stay the same. If you'd like to be on top of the latest events, join the mailing list. The others and myself try our best to keep each other updated. Also, keep in mind that since I'll be out the country, I might not have easy access to the Internet. Please consider this when e-mailing me. Goodbye, for now...

June 4, 2001

  • Since most of you use the URL, you might not have noticed that the site is at a new domain. Last week NBCi was experiencing a lot of problems and the site was down quite a bit of the time. Since their servers were slow most of the time anyway, I decided to make the plunge into paid-hosting. For twenty bucks a month, I now own I'm going to use the server to host my different sites. So, if you get tired of seeing the banner come up with the V3 URL, you can use the address Hopefully those of you with fast connections will also notice faster speeds.
  • During the move, I forgot to upload the Photo and Sound sections. Those pages should be functioning fine now.
  • One thing that had been missing for a while was the streaming audio in the Sound section. Well, it's back up now. The new domain came with a RealServer, so you should experience improved performance.
  • The promised FAQ section should be coming soon. My good friend and AllExperts' own wonderful Liz has agreed to help me out with questions and answers so you know it'll be good. :)
  • Also coming in the (hopefully) near future, over two hundred new photos! Herman spent a lot of time scanning these pics and I know you'll enjoy them.
  • That's it for this update. Hope to get some stuff done over the next week. This weekend might see some changes, but my birthday is on the 10th, so I don't know if I'll spend too much time on the site then (sorry!). As always, check out the mailing list for the latest news.

April 1, 2001

  • Happy 85th birthday to Greg this coming Thursday, April 5th!

January 1, 2001

  • Happy New Year! Along with the new year comes a new design. Enjoy!
  • Coming in with the new design, the FAQ is here to answer your questions!