Gregory Peck Encounter

Liz and Gregory Peck

Last Updated on April 6, 1999

     I attended two of Gregory Peck's Florida performances and, like anyone who has heard him speak, was spellbound by his ability to provide such articulate, entertaining answers to even the most impossible-to-anticipate questions from his audience. A truly incredible moment came when a very nervous woman asked if he happened to recall having met a young lady at a dinner party about forty years earlier. This got a giggle from the crowd and Mr. Peck as well. He answered that there had been quite a few young ladies and dinner parties in forty years. "Well," she elaborated, "you took THIS one home!" Needless to say, that brought down the house. While she tried to backpedal above the crowd noise that, no, he had given her a RIDE home, nothing more, Mr. Peck just studied her quietly...then actually came up with her name! The man's intelligence is positively staggering!


     These photos were taken at a dinner reception following one of his shows. Looking at the one of me seated next to Mr. Peck, I can only wonder if, should our paths cross in forty years or so, whether he might remember having met ME at a dinner party too?
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