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Gregory Peck

Last Updated on March 23, 1998

     I became a Gregory Peck fan at 40 years of age. After writing him a the summer of '96 I received a letter and autographed picture of him in the mail. The letter invited me backstage to meet him should I ever attend one of his "Conversations". I could not pass that I wrote and told him which one I would be attending. Very shortly before I was to leave a call came in from his executive assistant...assuring my pass backstage. My interest also led me to another man with the name "EG Peck". through the internet. We had become and still are cyber-pals . We met Gregory Peck together, with our spouses in May of '97. I introduced Eldred G. Peck to Eldred G. Peck. This was very interesting to Gregory Peck..who responded with...."You're Kidding!!" We talked for a few minutes....he said he had never met anyone else with the name "Eldred " before..much less Eldred G Peck!! He introduced me to his very gracious and beautiful wife and he wrote me a letter after that meeting. My husband took the pictures of me and the "two" EG Pecks. It was a night I will never forget. Gregory Peck is "Class"..that is all you can say!

Debra Hartman

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