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Gregory Peck Encounter

Gregory Peck

Last Updated on July 04, 1998

     I'll try to give you an overview of our meeting with Gregory Peck on Sunday, June 28, 1998. I'm a sales and customer service representative for Signature Flight Support in Charlotte, NC. We are the fixed base operation (FBO) that handles private aviation such as corporate, private and commercial airplanes. Airlines use the main terminal in Charlotte. We have many VIP and celeberty guests that prefer to use Signature Flight Support for privacy and security reasons. I was asked by Robbie Wood of the Barter Theatre in Tri-Cities Virginia to help Gregory Peck and his wife Veronique when they arrived on USAir and see that they get from the main terminal to Signature Flight Support to connect to a private jet to Virginia. It was, without question, an honor to even consider helping them to their private jet. Robbie made me aware of the purpose of the trip which even made the honor more special. Mr. Peck was returning to the Barter Theatre to speak. This is where he began his career in acting.

     When my wife and I met him at USAir, we went immediately into the Club room for USAir and visited for forty-five minutes in the private conference room. He was a gracious man and wanted to tell us all about his trip to Ireland and Canada and the details of his visit to Virginia to the Barter Theatre. He said the theatre got it's name back in the depression when people would pay for their tickets with food. Hence, barter became the name it uses today. We just sat back and wanted to listen to his stories in his eloquent style of delivery. It felt as though we were live in the movies or on a set. He was wonderful to listen to and watch.

     I did some research, thanks to you and your web site. It was most helpful and I copied several pages of information so that I might be prepared when I met him. One was the poem he wrote that was part of your site. He laughed and said it was great that you had this on the internet. He also mentioned you and all that you have done for him through the web site. He said you were a fine man and somewhat shy, but he thinks the world of you and spoke very highly of your efforts.

     By the time we secured their luggage, we felt like we were part of his family. He seemed as though he could sit an tell us stories about his career and life well into the night, but we had to get them to their next plane. We gathered up his luggage and set out for Signature Flight Support to connect with his Citation Jet to Tri-Cities airport in Tennessee. We drove them straight through the gate and out on to the ramp to the plane. As I was about to say good by in the van, I turned to Mr. Peck and said " have done so much to make this world a better place and we all have enjoyed your contribution. Thank you so much and God bless you". He and Veronique smiled and said thank you and everyone.

     Having said that, we proceeded to unload the van and load luggage and two wonderful passengers into the sleek, shinning jet. We said our good bys and I wished them well and watched them taxi out to the runway and woosh into the afternoon sun.

     Our lives are richer now from this experience and I hope we made some little impression on them too. What a wonderful man and woman.

Best regards,
Bob Joiner