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Jeff Lang

     Yep, that nutter up there is me. Anyway, if you found your way here, it's probably because of my other sites, such as Gregory Peck Online or James Garner Online. If that's not the case, you must have followed some links and ended up wanting to learn more about yours truly. Well, there isn't a whole lot to tell, but here goes...

     My name is Jeff Lang. I spent most of my life in Ellinwood, KS, but lived for several years in Lawrence, KS attending the University of Kansas from which I graduated in 2004. I also spent a year studying abroad in Stirling, Scotland as an undergraduate. Of course, a big thank you goes out to my Mom for all her help. I couldn't have made it this far without you!

     When I get time I will put more here, but until then, check out the obligatory MySpace Page or follow the links below:

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