Last updated on August 9, 2002

Actors, Musicians, etc.

A Perry Como Discography
The definitive resource for Perry Como information online.
The Perry Como Home On The Internet
A new website focusing on my favorite vocalist, Mr. C.
Robert Forster
Official site for a great actor and one heck of a nice guy.
Chris Isaak
The official place for Chris Isaak and Silvertone.
Ben Folds
The official Ben Folds website.
George Strait
The official George Strait website.
Steve Martin
The official place for Steve Martin information online.
The Official Sam Neill Home Page
THE definitive resource for ALL things Sam Neill.
Gary Cooper - More Than Just a Cowboy
Julie Stowe's fabulous site dedicated to the REAL "Mr. Deeds." :)
Coop Lover
A great resource for pictures of Gary Cooper.
Gary Cooper
The official website of the Gary Cooper estate.
Stephen Collins' Home Page
Official site for Stephen Collins.
The Unofficial Lee Majors Page
Karen's excellent Lee Majors fansite.
Richard Anderson - Actor
The official site for wonderful actor, Richard Anderson.
The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages
The only stop you need to make for Cary Grant online.

Relevant Links

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Wonderful background designs.
Catseye - Classic Movies and More
Breathtaking websites by Jule Stowe

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