Jeff Lang - Man Of Mystery
Jeff Lang
Date Of Birth June 10, 1982
Height 5 feet, 10 inches
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Favorite Movies You'd just have to ask me. My tastes change daily.
Favorite Garner Movies Most definitely Space Cowboys, but also Move Over, Darling, Boys' Night Out, and Support You Local Sheriff!. I guess most of his comedies in general. I love them all though. Except for maybe The Art Of Love, but that's another story...
Favorite TV Shows Malcom In The Middle, WWF Wrestling, Hometime, Gilligan's Island, The Newlywed Game, My Three Sons, The Six Million Dollar Man.
Hobbies Watching wrestling, watching movies and whatever else I have time for.
Shameless Plug Meet the Webmasters, Part III
Other Webpages I Maintain Jeff Lang Online
Gregory Peck Online

     Hello, and thanks for stopping by! I put this page up as a lot of people have asked about who I am, so here goes...

     In case you don't already know (shame on you!), my name is Jeff Lang. I'm nineteen and I attend The University Of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. When I'm not in school throughout the year, I'm usually back home in "lovely" Ellinwood, KS.

     I am asked frequently how I started watching James Garner movies and why I set up this site. I never had a positive male influence while growing up, so I have a lot of role models I look up to now. One night I saw My Fellow Americans, and I liked Jim's performance so much that I decided to watch more of his movies. I was instantly hooked. I decided to get online and look for some sites about Jim, but to my astonishment, there weren't any! At the time I let it slide. Later on, however, my friend Elinor made a section for Jim on her website and mentioned to me that more places for Jim on the Internet were always needed. At the time, I was really busy with school and maintaining Gregory Peck Online (Which I started exactly like this page, and still run), so I passed on the idea.

     Fast forward to May of 1999. I was watching more of his films than I ever had before. I was also going through my autograph collection when I realized that I didn't have his signature. I did at one time, but the card got rained on in the mail (To see it, click here). So I sent him a letter and a SASE envelope. A month later, I got this wonderful 8 x 10. I was so happy that I decided to make this site out of thanks.

     In my spare time I like to relax. I say that, but it hardly ever happens. I always want to work more on my sites and I feel like I never have enough time to do that. But being a college student, please forgive me for any lack of updates. Afterall, I don't get paid to do this. In fact, I'm actually paying for the right to have this site. All in all, I think it's worth the trouble and I hope you do as well...

Last Updated on June 7, 2001